Welcome to Curatesy

Our concept for establishing Curatesty is simple. Born out of the recognition that there was a need for providing linked business and technology support. Curatesy is a multi-disciplinary service provider for SMBs. Providing small businesses and Not for Profit organisations practical business and web services that deliver real-world customer relations and business improvements. Services that are curated to meet the unique needs of smaller entities and individuals. 

We bring together blended digital, data, strategy, and design expertise to provide growth support. 


Independent buying advice on technology and service solutions

From providing initial market analysis to ensuring your contract deals realise the benefits intended, we take a market-agnostic approach to ensure the optimum technology and services stack for your needs.

Our Vision
Our Mission
Get Smart

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Understand what will have the biggest impact on your business 

Your business and the way you operate in your sector is unique.

Usually, you will have some competitors in your niche. We can leverage lessons learned, competitor analysis and best practice to help define and implement solutions to benefit you, and avoid costly mistakes.

Working closely with you we’ll develop and agree a business and technical strategy that delivers real results to your bottom line.

From branding to customer engagement, we’ll validate any approach – with you, and through data analysis.

Sometimes it is difficult to make a decision, until circumstances force us to. We’ll provide the insight and a sounding board to help you  consider your options in depth. And to make smarter choices when it comes to your business.